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Unlike most photo booths that use the front camera of an iPad to capture images, we have a built in mirrorless Canon camera.

the camera is paired with a flash and beauty dish that spreads the flash across everyone in the view for a picture perfect capture!

* for boomerangs, the IPAD camera is still used as that is a function of mobile devices.

Our booth uses a 12.9" IPAD Pro as its user interface, coupled with a software service specifically made for this photobooth design. 

The user friendly screens guide you through your selections from start to finish, allowing you to select pictures, GIFs, boomerangs and even video. 

After your pictures are captured, you have the ability to retake it, text it, email it, airdrop it or even print it in a very generous 4x6 sized photo!  IT'S THAT EASY!!!

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